Norwegian Buhund – A Complete Guide to Dog Beds

The Norwegian Buhund, a working dog from Norway, is known for its friendly personality and high energy levels. They are also known to be very intelligent! This means that they need the best of everything, including their bed!

With so many beds available on the market today it can be difficult to know which one would work best for your pup. We have compiled some good options below that will keep your Norwegian Buhund happy and comfortable at night, no matter what type of bed or size you choose.

Types of Dog Beds

  • Fleece Bed: Fleece beds are soft and warm. They also come in a variety of colors, so you’re sure to find one that matches your decor!
  • Memory Foam Dog Beds: Memory foam dog beds offer the best support for dogs with joint pain or arthritis. These types of dog bed will conform to any size shape, including orthopedic options which have memory foam as well as raised edges for added comfort while lying down or sitting up.
  • Cotton Pillow Bed: This type is great for puppies because they can be machine washed and dried easily when accidents happen (such as vomit). Cotton pillow beds also provide some padding on top if your pup loves fluffy blankets like many do!
  • Fleece Blanket: This type of dog bed is similar to the fleece bed. However, these beds offer no support and are not as soft as a traditional fleece bed!

Size Dog Bed for Norwegian Buhunds

A medium size dog bed will work best for your pup if you have multiple dogs in the house who compete over toys or space! The dimensions of this style would be 27″x37″. A larger breed such as a German Shepherd may also benefit from this size.

– Memory Foam Beds: Also known as orthopaedic beds – these types of beds are made with a dense foam. They offer great support and help reduce pain in joints or muscles due to the pressure relief it offers while lying down.

The memory foam also helps keep your pup cool during those hot summer months! Some owners have even found that their Norwegian Buhund prefers this type of bed as they seem to be more comfortable on them than other options, so if you do not want your dog sleeping directly on hard surfaces then these might work for you!

– Suede Dog Bed: This is another option that many dogs love because it allows them to lay comfortably without having any direct contact with the ground. It makes cleaning up easier too, which means less stress for you!

What size Dog Bed for your Buhind?

Size Matters: If size really matters then what should Norwegian Buhund owners look out for? Some larger breeds may need something more roomy than others but honestly most dogs should be fine with a bed that’s at least 12 inches deep (measured from the top of the mattress to the bottom).

Training Your Norwegian Buhund to use their dog bed

Training Your Norwegian Buhund to use their dog bed is easy. Just set it up somewhere in the house, and make sure that you give them treats! This can be a great way of teaching your pup where they should sleep as well as how to chew their own toys rather than yours (which will save on replacing things)! You’re going to want to watch closely for any signs that they might not like the new addition – if this happens then try moving it around the home until you find one they seem more content with before giving up entirely. When introducing an area rug underneath the bed too its important for dogs who are potty trained so there’s no lingering smells or ground floor accidents underfoot!


Just put some newspaper down before hand if they are still a puppy and are learning, and you should be set!